Shrink wrap equipment applied in kinds of tableware

Shrink wrap equipment applied in kinds of tableware

Tableware include disposable paper and plastic type, and even ceramic type, such as plate, caps,bowls, spoon, etc, no matter what material they are and no matter for single or group packing, Our automatic shrink wrap equipment also suit.

ZWH400 shrink wrap equipment and ZWG590 shrink wrap equipment are both suit these products, For which model to choose it is based on the product sizes.


So please offer us your product sizes, we will recommend you the most suitable machine model for you . Except for these standard models, we also can customize for special sizes. Welcome your inquiry anytime.

Some customers worried about the temperature is too high for shrinking these disposable tableware, Our tunnel temperature can adjust and it is no any effect for the product shrink, and that temperature won’t damage the disposable tableware.


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