Touch screen industrial shrink wrap system

This Touch screen industrial shrink wrap system suit for single and group products of medicine food,drinking,stationery,printings,cosmetic,electronic products,toys,auto parts

tableware etc. This machine is same as the ZW-400 model, but it has touch screen.

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  • This machine is Touch screen industrial shrink wrap system, it is widely used in shrink wrap system, It is high efficiency with auto film loader and pouching device also have manual adjust product feed platform, suitable for different width and height of products.
  • Sealing knife adopts Dupont Teflon which is made by aluminium alloy, it is anti-sticking and heat resistant, it can protect the seal from cracking and coking, no smoke and no pollution.
  • It matched Photoelectric detection,Horizontal and vertical detection, even for little and thin products can easily pack and seal.
  • Auto loader, the length can be adjusted automatically. Equipped with an induction motor, can be auto take up the waste edge.
    Easy to adjust when packing different size
  • Different sizes of products can be combined in one pack when promotion.
  • It adopts digital temperature controller, with PID function, sealing temperature is extremely sensitive and precise, can be freely set. No worry about the temperature imprecise to hurt products, sealing knife itself also has automatic protection function effectively prevent the misuse of cut packaging.
  • This Full automatic heat shrink machine is equipped with organic glass seal cut parts, and with automatic alarm function, greatly improving operator safety

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