What is Heat seal shrink wrap machine?

What is Heat seal shrink wrap machine?

Heat seal shrink wrap machine use POF, PP, PVC as the materials, and together with the “heat seal” and “heat shrink” in one machine.

“heat seal” is a way to heat the shrink film material, so that it reaches the viscous state after the pressure to make it sealed. Normally use heat seal device or machine to finish this action, here we use L bar knife in ZWH400 model and hob cutter in ZWG590 with both seal and cut.

Heat seal shrink wrap machine is one of the most advanced wrap technique, use the shrink film wrap outside of the products, and make the film tight wrap through heat, it is fully display items appearance, improve the product exhibit, and increase the aesthetic value. At the same time the packed goods can seal, moistureproof, prevent pollution, and can protect the goods from external shocks, it has some buffer, especially when packing fragile, can prevent vessel flying when crushed.

And accept the self advantages, Heat seal shrink wrap machine can also reduce product are demolished, the possibility of stolen;Tight packing is suitable for multiple items and pallet packaging. So Heat seal shrink wrap machine is widely used in glass bottles, plastic foam, paper boxes, toys, electronics, electrical appliances, stationery, books, music, hardware tools, daily necessities, medicine, cosmetics, beverage, fruit, mark label items such as packaging.

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