Automatic shrink wrapper is applied in instant noodle

Automatic shrink wrapper is applied in instant noodle

Instant noodles were rated as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. the reasons must be convenient, tasting good, cheap, and long shelf life. It caters for not only the pace of today’s quickly developing era, but also greatly meet the different tastes of consumers. And it is affordable to the majority of consumers at home and abroad of all ages.

Due to food safety, sales and other effects. there exist many requirements for the packaging and material quality of the instant noodles products, including resistance of oxygen, moisture, and lights, well sealed, and other safety factors. In order to meet the above requirements, instant noodles enterprises must carefully choose the most appropriate automatic shrink wrapper.

The automatic shrink wrapper is suitable for the batch packing of all kinds of regular objects such as biscuits, rice krispies, egg yolk pie, chocolate, bread, instant noodles,medicine, daily necessities, industrial parts etc. And its main function is cutting and sealing. The main wrapping for instant noodle in the market is automatic shrink wrapper machine.

The properties of automatic shrink wrapper are worth mentioning here.It is well designed, easy to operate, and convenient to adjust. The use of closed vertical seal device helps the longitudinal seal with its stability during the wrapping of instant noodles packing. In addition, high-speed horizontal sealing device also ensures the sealing and cutting speed, clear and beautiful texture as well.The automatic shrink wrapper as a relatively advanced packaging methods in current market, in the packaging process of instant noodles, wraps the product or packages outside by shrinking films. Heated shrink films wraps instant noodles, fully displays the appearance of the products, improve product sales, Increase the aesthetic and sense of value. At the same time, after packaging, instant noodles can be sealed, free of oxygen, moisture or pollution, prevented from the external impact.

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