Application of heat shrinkable packaging in box–box shrink wrapping machine

Application of heat shrinkable packaging in box–box shrink wrapping machine

Box shrink wrapping machine is nowadays more and more popular applied in box. box is a rectangular shape of container to wrap goods, and has many materials like irons, glass, carton and plastic, and the size from big to small, they all suit for box shrink wrapping machine.

According to the characteristics of heat shrinkable packaging, its application in the field of box packaging is very promising. Heat shrinkable packaging has the characteristics of compact, uniform, transparent, stable and beautiful at the same time, because of good sealing performance, but also has a moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti pollution, anti theft protection effect; beautiful appearance, close to the goods, suitable for all kinds of different shapes of the packaging; good protection, if the shrink packing inner packing with suspension on the outer packing of the transport package together, can have a better protective; good economy; convenient for transportation, convenient sales, easy to realize mechanization, save labor and material resources, can partially replace the cartons, wooden packaging, so it will be applied in the field of packaging box is definitely a wise choice. Otherwise compared with traditional packaging methods, heat shrinkable packaging can bring better experience to consumers in the field of box packaging.

At present ,food industry is the biggest market for shrink wrap. Heat shrinkable film is widely used in various fast food, lactic acid food, beverage, small food, beer cans, all kinds of liquor, agricultural and sideline products, dry food, local products and other packaging. Application is also increasing in the food field, such as labels and caps, sealing, fiber and clothing, aerosol products, sports goods, electrical products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, oil, detergent, stationery, toys, office supplies, kitchen supplies, daily necessities, sundry goods, building materials etc.. In the field of box packaging, the use of heat shrinkable packaging technology can adapt to different box shape, the operation is very convenient.

Combined with the above view, heat shrinkable packaging applied in the field of box packaging will bring double benefits to producers and consumers, not only can save all kinds of costs of producers, but also bring better experience to consumers. Coupled with the widespread use of heat shrinkable packaging in various industrial sectors, its technology has been very mature, so its application in the field of box packaging should be vigorously promoted.

Below are different kind of box wrapping machine for different sizes.


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